Allergic gastritis: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment (2023)

Allergic gastritisIt is a clinical variant of food allergy, whose main manifestations are the symptoms of stomach damage.This state can be the first manifestation of an allergic disease that develops when an antigen occurs directly in the stomach.It is often combined with intestinal damage and occurs in the form of stomach rental, allergies that develop more frequently in childhood.The most important etiological factor is the proteins and eggs of cow's milk, fish, some fruits, fungi.The treatment is based on the appointment of a specific removal and symptomatic immunotherapy diet.

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ICD 10


Causes of Allergic Gastritis

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Allergic Gastritis Symptoms


Allergic gastritis treatment

Forecast and prevention

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ICD 10

K52.2 Gastroenteritis and allergic and digestible colitis


Allergic gastritis is an immune -Mediated Stomach Injection That Serves As A Manifestation of Hypesensity To Food.The Disease is Accompanied by The Participation of Other Organs and Systems: In 60% of Cases there are Also Skin Symptoms, Rare Respiratory Manifestations, Visceral Deseas, Hemopathy, Extremely Less Anaphylactic Reactions.Beyond the large number of potential allergens, the presence of intersection, latent allergies, similar symptoms of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract It is difficult to verify the diagnosis and, therefore, hypergnosis hyper and subgnosis 65% of patients occur with pathologyAllergic, food intolerances indicate approximately one third of them, there is real allergic gastritis.Histologically, the disease is characterized by the eosinophilic infiltration of the mucous membrane and the deepest layers, so this pathology is also "eosinophilic gas" tritis ".

Causes of Allergic Gastritis

The cause of this pathology is the absorption of food antigens in the stomach.The main role plays an allergy against cow's milk proteins, which is determined in 90% of children less than a year after the delivery of artificial feeding.The cow's milk contains up to 20 proteins with high awareness potential.The powerful allergens are eggs, fish, muesli, vegetables and fruits, fungi.

The reaction to the additives contained in the products is often developed: aromas, emulsifiers, preservatives.Reason can also be ethylene, an oil product that is used to process immature fruits.Of cow's milk, in older patients: chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries are caused.

Awareness is not only developed for food, but also for allergens without food.This is due to cross allergies caused by the similarity of food antigens, vegetable pollen, domestic lens and medication.For example, cross allergy between natural latex (molks, toys, gloves) and avocado, kiwi and other extended products.

The development of a gastrointestinal allergy is facilitated by factors such as hereditary disposition for atopy, unfavorable environmental conditions, gestosis in the mother, the previous diet in children, the characteristics of the stomach mucosa.

The formation of allergic gastritis is closely with an altered tolerance compared to the antigen, the changes in the local immunity of the gastrointestinal tract and the general changes in the immune system, the functional digestive disorders due to the deficiency of pepeptides, the reduced acidityof gastro (histamine, acetylcholine ,,,, serotonin).

The inadequate nutrition of the mother during pregnancy plays an important role in the development of gastrointestinal allergies in children during pregnancy and through the irrational food of the child during the first year of life, including the early introduction of complementary foods, which feedof milk mixtures they have has not been adapted.

Allergic Gastritis Symptoms

With this pathology, eosinophilic infiltration is extremely rare for a gastrointestinal tract department.The stomach and the small intestine are more frequently involved in the process.The mucous membrane is affected, symptoms such as pain in epigastration, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.If the muscle layer is involved, there are signs of intestinal engineering (flatulence, nausea, vomiting).The infiltration of the signed layer is accompanied by the development of ascites, while a large number of eosinophils in the ascitic fluid.

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The absorption of an allergen in the stomach leads to greater motility, a greater secretion of the glands of the mucous membranes, spastic contractions of the club.Gastroesophageal reflux can develop with burning feeling, epigastric pain, the pile of saliva, nausea, vomiting.Vegetative diseases are characteristics: weakness, skin flower, palpitations, dizziness.


The diagnosis of this pathology is carried out in two directions: evaluation of the clinic, laboratory, instrumental studies and diagnosis.An important role in the review is played when determining the relationship between the use of an allergen and the appearance of symptoms.Food, food, allergological, pharmacological anamnesis, analysis of the daily height of food.The degree of damage to the digestive system is evaluated, a combination with symptoms of other organs.

To determine the cause of the disease, diagnoses of specific allergods are carried out (skin ting test, evaluation of the specific IgE mirror, provocative tests).It is mandatory to have a diet.Determining the etiological factor is an elimination test.It is that potential allergens are excluded from the diet for 1-2 weeks.If there are several suspicious products, the sample is carried out in a row with the most reliable information.Provided by provocative food samples.These methods are not carried out before a month after the disappearance of acute symptoms.

To rule out other diseases and evaluate the degree of mucosa damage, the endoscopic diagnosis is carried out with the biopsy exam.GastroscopyIt is carried out with simultaneous endoscopic biopsy.The histological examination of biopsy shows an increase in the content of the eosinophils.

The differential diagnosis of allergic gastritis is carried out with other diseases and digestive tract anomalies (mainly with catarrhals, atrophic and hyperplastic gastritis, stomach ulcers), metabolic diseases, poisoning, infection, endocrine diseases, immense disorders.

Allergic gastritis treatment

The therapy of this disease is carried out by the gastroenterologist treaty along with an allergy immunologist.Gastrointestinal allergy treatment methods are divided into specific and nonspecific differences.The determined immunotherapy of ASIT using food allergens.


The elimination measures include complete exclusion not only of the antigen itself, but also of products in which it is in extremely small quantities.At the same time, the patient must receive a diet that corresponds to the energy and nutrition needs.Gastritis was caused, an empirical elimination diet is carried out. All possible food allergens are excluded.

Forecast and prevention

The basis for the prevention of an allergy to the stomach intestine is to prevent contact with an allergen in early childhood, the rational nutrition of women during pregnancy, natural feeding, if the prognosis of the disease is impossible with adequate treatment with adequate treatment, the nutrition of favorable justification.Food allergies lose their dominant role in old age, but long -term allergic gastritis can cause ulcerative colitis and other immunomedized diseases.

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