Balance Cap V2: AMMS Generalization (2023)

BALANCER V1 exceeded our expectationsThrough the development of liquidity regulations and the extraction of a robust and committed community, we are proud of sharing Balder V2, an update that brings us closer to the vision of Balance as the main source of defense.

The central boundaria rodals v2 areSecurity, flexibility, capital efficiency and gas focus.These outstanding aspects include:

  • Protocol vaults for all value of the group of balancers
  • Improved Gas Ficer
  • Allowed and adaptable AMM logic
  • Capital efficiency by asset administrators
  • Low gas costs and resistant oracles
  • Protocol rates guided by the community

Protocol melodies

The main change of architecture between Balance V1 and BalanceA single vault that contains and manages all assets added by all balancer pools.

BALANCER V2 separates the logic for automated market manufacturers (AMM) of the management and calculation of tokens.

Since pool contracts are out of the safe, you can implement them allArbitrary and adapted AMM logic.

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Gas -ficero

In Balanced V1, trade with two or more groups is inefficient, since ERC20 tokens users have to send and receive from all groups.

With the new vault of the equilibrium protocol, although lots in lots are carried out against several swimming pools, only the final amounts of Token Net and the vault are transmitted.Save a considerable amount of gas.

Since only the final net amounts are transferred, arbitration transactions are also much easier.And prefectureBut an asymmetry of prices could be exchanged between the equilibrium pools against MKR in group 1, MKR for Bal in group 2, then for DAI in group 3 and win in DAI.

Balance Cap V2: AMMS Generalization (2)

With Balance V2, users can containinternal token balance.This is extremely useful forHigh frequency dealership efficiency.

For example, if you act with chipsAFor the TokenBBut you know you will act againBforAIn a few hours, I probably don't have to take delivery of deliveryBAfter the first negotiation.The balancer can store both tokens in the vault that can be used for the next operations, which means that all ERC20 transactions can be avoided.To provide its users with the lowest gas costs.

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Adaptable AMM logic

We are in the automated market manufacturer of the first entrance and we strive for the contact point for developers, distributors and liquidity suppliers.In 2020 there was a specific AMM influx of the application with different commitments for different objectives.It is very likely that this trend is even stronger in 2021.

Pione the adaptable Boancer V2 logic creating a launch platform for equipment to be innovative with different AMM strategies without worrying about Token transfers with a low level, accounting, safety control and intelligent order.BALANCY V2 ,,All this comes from the box.

At first, Balance V2 offersHeavy pools(Constant weight, index fund groups such as Baloncio V1) andStable swimming poolswhich are suitable for tokens that are gently together (build on the great work of the curve team).We will have shorter after the startSmart pools- This allows continuous changes in the parameters, and many other types of groups built by partners.

Asset manager

AMM were extremely successful in 2020. However, there is a lack of capital efficiency, since most assets are actually used in an AMM at any time.BALANCER V2 has a simple but powerful function that deals with it and revolutionizes the way in which AMM is designed:Asset manager.

Assets administrators are external intelligent contracts nominated by groups that have a total performance in the underlying tokens that the group has stored in the safe.

The asset manager can borrow Token from a loan protocol to improve group performance.It is important to keep in mind that a shock absorber should always be kept in the vault or that the business can fail: the vault cannot be exchanged on behalf of a group's blog post, which focuses exclusively on asset administrators, it will be publishedIn the next weeks.

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Low gas costs and resistant oracles

Balance V2 comprises Oracle, which are resistant to sand attacks with accumulators, such as Uniswap V2 pioneer work.Can be consulted:

  • Immediate:A current price, but less resistant to manipulation
  • Robust:A less current price, but more manipulation resistant

The selection of a type of price varies according to the application.

Governable protocol rates

As a balancer, the changes in the direction of a municipal protocol, the V2 balancer implements three different types of protocol level that are controlled by governance (governance ((((((Bal -Token)

  • Commercial rates:A small percentage of commercial rates paid by concessionaires by Bundling LPS.
  • Partial rates:A small percentage of all tokens that are removed from the vault of the Balanced Protocol (operations not included).The change in the liquidity between the equilibrium pools does not correspond to this rate.
  • Flash loan rates:A small percentage of assets used for flash loans of the balancer vault.

Commercial rates and payment rates are disconnected at the beginning, while the Flash credit rate begins with a low value to ensure that there are always capital costs for the creation of a flash loan for balancers.All protocol rates are kept in the vaultThe governance of the balancer will be to decide if these rates are used.

V2 on the lesson

We hope incredibly send Balder V2 and creating the AMM square further:

  • safe- Extreme attention was planned for the guarantee of the ab -ored architectureIsolated internal balancesUnder the pools.
  • Simply- All interactions with Balance V2 will be carried out through a single access point: the safe.Just a token permitIt will be necessary for users to exchange liquidity in a group of balancers.
  • Gas gas- Commerce against standard and stable groups costs a little more than 100,000 gas, which corresponds to UNISWAP V2Even less if internal balances They are used.Trade with many pools at the same time only increases gas costs slightly.
  • Efficient capital- The swimming pools have total control over the underlying chips that add to the vault.This opens a large construction room to improve capital efficiency and other applications, such as the use of underlying tokens.
  • Flexible- Balder welcomes other equipment for V2 innovations and creates a flourishing ecosystem and a network effect.The money and money of the head are granted to the participants who create new successful groups.

The internal audits are in progress and is expected that Balonce V2 begins in March.

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However, since the code is almost frozen, a handful of projects before the official start to generate interest in V2.

We would like to communicate with ambitious equipment that can use Balance V2 to reach a broader audience.If you believe that Balance V2 fits your project well, contact us to be part of our V2Initial Partners Program.The initial partner has early access to our repository and documentation so that he can build on the Balanced V2.

This beginning is a step towards the largest of balancia to become the main source of liquidity defi.

While the landscape continues to change, Balder wants to be a central module for all projects, regardless of its design or liquidity requirement.To keep the passage with Balance V2 and join the emerging community of Baller, join this.Balance discordOr an exact eye in theGovernance forum!

We hope to do the best year for Defi's composition capacity in 2021!

Follow the balancers


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