Balance - The Stock Exchange (2023)

Balancer (established in 2018) is an automated aneterum -based Makerexchange protocol, which acts as a non -customer manager, liquidity provider and price sensor.The name comes from the platform's liquidity pools.There are no portfolio managers and rates are collected by retailers, who then tie portfolios back through barbitiles (((((((((((((((((((((((((([1][2].

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Balancer Ecosystem

In November 2020, Balance Capital Pantera examined the direct purchase of Bal -Token of the Ministry of Ministry.

In February 2021, the balanancer team announced the publication of Balance V2 with a variety of updates that focus on safety, flexibility, capital efficiency and false.[4][5].

Balance is a protocol for multi-tokens. Balancing pools and traders can act against them with portfolio owners. Balancer pool contains two or more tokens, each of which represents a weight independent of their part of the whole pool.You can change two tokens in each pool.

Balance has exemptions from bronze, silver and gold related to the "basic" balancing pool cöntractrad -which really keeps the fortune. Brönze has become live.2020 on February 26, 2020.

The protocol

Balancer acts as a Popular Automated Market Manufacturer (AMM). It offers exclusive liquidity pools that can contain various actives and not just two, which is standard for most other AMM pools (in stock bags like Asuniswap).Possible[8][9].

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Balance Sheet Characteristics

From November 5, 2020, the Balancer owns US $ 271 million (TVL) and is therefore the project with the eleven -High High TVL in balance.Television has reached a high time with more than $ 1.5 billion on September 1st of Bal Token Governance.

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In October 2020, Balancer worked with a nearly protocol. The boring team expressed that it is mainly in the existing prize of its highest scalability chain.Display proximity and balancing integration in the nearby wallet.Incentive should promote faster introduction and use itability close to balance sheets and enable accessibility and user experience improved.The reaves are paid close and in Bal -Token.

Balance Protocol Governance Token (BAL)

The first version of the balance that started without native tokens. In June 1, 2020, Bal -Token was distributed to users who provided the Balance Protocol.With the Balance Protocol Governance Token (BAL), owners can use new features, potential protocol rates or any other development that occurs in the boring protocol, deciding by vote[6].

Of Bal 100 million initial tokens, 25 million tokens were assigned to founders, action options, consultants and investors and are all subordinate approvals.5 million others were designated for the Balance Ecosystem backgrounds.To display that they will help the compensation ecosystem.-Okek is never sold to retail investors.

The rest of the tokens is distributed by a process called liquidity mining. All week, 145,000 BAL will be granted to users who have liquidity in balance sheet pools and a total of 7.5 million burdens per year.

On June 23, 2020, the Balance Protocol Governance token (BAL) aired on the main network. In its first day of negotiation, the token value rose at a point of 7 to 22 USSSD.

Liquidity and rebalancing pools

Users can create or contribute liquidity pools consisting of their weighted assets and a trading rate specified by the Creator. This allows everyone to have a self-equaling index base and earn fees if other users act against their portfolio.Retail (sor) at the best possible rate for pools.

The liquidity pool creator defines % of weight of any wealth value in the portfolio weight at the portfolio.

If the price of assets fall far from market prices in a portfolio, referees eliminate price differences.There is no external price -for assets' prices in the balanced liquidity sets remain stagnant unless a trade occurs.

Balanance pools are not just limited to a few tokens, but support up to 8 tokens with the 80% Weth -specific customer -specific weight distribution pool and 20% ZRX.

Balance pool restrictions

Balance pools are limited as follows:

  • A maximum number of tokens:- Pools should contain at least two and may contain up to eight tokens.
  • Exchange Rate:- The rate can be defined as any number between 0.0001% and 10%.
  • ERC20 conformidade:- must beerc20 compliant.

Several liquidity pools

Balance Labs realized that different pools have different requirements and models published for Pooldesign. Here are some popular models:

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Liquidity Startup Pools (Lbps):-An intelligent pool model with which teams can publish a project token and at the same time build deep liquidity.Defined with a weight of 20%.The weights are adjusted and finally rotate a defined duration.Advanced resellers are also attracted to small SmallarbetragetTragetPragetrage[8].

After the end of the weight adaptation period, the pool continues to act indefinitely. The model is the slope of the curve as a configurable parameter, so that the works can define the token weights to the annexponent curve.An exponential curve can be used to check a disproportionate hype.Pool Price Tips -ånd -Price due to previous speculation.

In September 2020, the perpetual was distributed to a balancing swallowing pool.people in the forefront.

Interesting StableCoin Pools without impermanent loss: The Stablecoin Pool Design balancing uses rtokens and automatic weight adjustment to optimize businesses and trade and, at the same time the stable currencies will remain constant.Since there is less volatility in Stablecoin Pool liquidity providers, suppliers are less risk exposed and lower trading rates are designed for volume.


The Balance Labs secured $ 3 million from funds through a round of seeds under the direction of the local companion and the participation of currency discoveries and diffraction in March 2020[11].

On November 9, 2020, Balance Labs announced that Bothpanttera CapitalCapanameda on the Labs Balance was invested by the direct purchase of Bal-Tokens from the company's Finance Ministry.Because it is the end user of the protocol.

Balancer ecosystem funds

Since June 2020, Balance Ecosystem Fund has granted subsidies and individuals with 95,333 usum to expand the global balance sheet community, developed tools to improve the usability and visibility of protocol innovations and builder infrastructure buildings.subsidies in the first lot:

  1. Geist: -Bettering the Balance Protocol, the AAVE allows the adjustment of the 80/20 AAVE/ETH Balancing pool tokens (BPT), which shows the idea of Joel Moneegro's presentation of liquidity detection.
  2. A tool created by the Davis Ramsey community member and the balancing liquidity pool views and analysis of their performance, as well as statistics for the entire Balance Cattle offers as a valuable instrument for members;especially liquidity providers.
  3. Zapper:-Zapper has integrated his front-end interface to the balance-end infrastructure of the balance sheets to offer a continuous user experience.In the Zapper user interface, users can do business directly through the Exchange Balance and the delivery/withdrawal of liquidity to and by balancer pools.
  4. PIEDAO: -The Piedao team is the first to bring an intelligent balancing pool to the market.Piedao uses the Smart Pools Balancer as the underlying infrastructure to operate its products from the Crypto index fund that allows passive investments in diversified token.

Liquidity reduction abuse

On June 25, the Atwitteruser, called the "Exchange of Predictions," said the exchangeftx cryptography derivatives of Bal liquidity degradation system and pointed out that the platform "was preserved at" 50% of propagation speedthis week. "Balances laboratories started a community vote on their Discord channel, which ended a step to implement a token of the permissions list to insert progress in the development of distributions.

Founder and CEO Offtx, Sam Bankman, Fring, criticized the treatment of the situation and said the Thediscordvote undermined the importance of Bal token.

Balancer Pool Hack

On June 28, 2020, at least two multifaceted pools made of balance sheets have more than 500,000[13].

The invader provided ASMART CONTRACT to automate multiple actions in a single transaction.The pool Sta's balance is emptied and 1 WEI ST (0.00000000000000000000000000).This worked because the token credit in the balance pool transmission rate of 1% of a recipient who behaved in transfer () and () evil transfer.Weth Wàs was published by token sta transfer rates, although the pool has never received Sta.The attacker made Såme -Ging to cut Bitcoin (WBTC), SNX and LinkToken Pool Blases.

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To finish the attack, the hacker increased its flash of 104,000 Weth Tobdydxand Rapîdly, putting some weitstas.About 109 Weth, the attacker had a wide knowledge of contracts and used suit money to keep the initial means and disguise the source of his existing year.

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Asset managers make Balance Capital V2 more efficient

In February 2021, the balanancer team shared an update to the Protocol - Balancer v2. The main knowledge of the Balance V2 is safety, flexibility, capital efficiency and gas tissue. These highlights include: loss of logs for all assetsof the balancer pool, improved gas fabric, without allowed and adjustable AMM logic, capital efficiency by asset managers, low gas costs and reliable oracles, as well as protocol rates founded by the municipality[7][8].

Balanced V2 is expected to begin in March 2021.

Protocol tunes

The main change of architecture between the V1 and the V2 branch is the transition to a single safe that maintains and manages all assets added by all balancing pools. Balancer v2 separates the logic from market manufacturer KheAdermartomated (AMM)token management and accounting.The management/calculation of tokens is done by the safe, while the logic of AMM is individual for each pool.You can implement any adapted AMM logic.

Gas -fer

In the Balance V1, negotiation with two or more pools is inefficient inefficient as users need to send all tokens pools.They are transmitted, arbitration transactions are also considerably easier.[15].

With the V2 Balance, users may contain internal token credit. However, if a user is negotiated with token a forken B, he knows he arrives at the first trade in a few hours. Balancers can keep both tokens in the safewhich can be used for the next stores, which avoids ERC20 transactions as a whole.

Adaptable AMM logic

Balanance V2 Pioneers Logic AMM adaptable, creating a launch platform for teams to be innovative with different AMM strategies without thinking of token transfers with a low level, index funds as in balancing V1) and stable pools that are for tokenThey are suitable to keep each other softly (build work according to financial resources).After the start, you have smart pools that allow continuous parameter changes and many other types of pools that are built by partners.Liquidity order of routers.

Balanced Asset Manager V2

In the V2 Balancen, active managers are external intelligent contracts that are indicated by full performance pools on the underlying tokens that the pool stored in the Vault Hatim safe, or negotiations can fail: the safe cannot make any assets of assets fromAssets that make not change the pool[9][10].

On February 23, 2021, Balancer announced its partnership with Avave ($ AAVE) to build the first V2 Balanced Asset Administrator, so that idle assets in Pools V2 receive a return to AAVE.You can get an additional return beyond swap rates and liquidity reduction BAL.


As a natural consequence of automatic market manufacturers, the token, which becomes more expensive, will be in pool when prices move in a direction, pool (ie the remaining value will decrease if users buy it).This means that the cash value of this token expires until it reaches zero.At this point, each attempt to exchange this token would fail.The token is filled on the part of the tokens invested in a bird and sending back to the balancer the safe to prevent the swaps from missing.The asset manager also increases the invested amount, which is increasingly common in pool for something, send once again to a bird to maximize your return.

Low gas costs and resilient oracles

The V2 Balancer comprises Oracle, resistant to sandwich attacks with accumulators. In addition, DAPPS can consult prices with minimum gas costs and keep the states of the accumulator without the past. The boring team plans to offer two types of price thatinterview their low gas costs: instantaneous (a more current but less manipulation) and resistant price (a less current but more handling price). A price control varies depending on use, depending on any useFor example, loan protocols are likely to be based on resistant price, while predictive markets could use the immediate price.

Governable protocol rates

As a balancer, the V2 balancing is transferred towards a congregation -related protocol.

  • Commercial Fees: A small percentage of trading rates paid by resellers to LPs.
  • Payment Fees: A small percentage of all tokens that are taken from the Vault Protocol Balancer (negotiations not included).The change in liquidity between the balancing pool does not correspond to this rate.
  • Flash loan fees: A small percentage of assets used for flash loans from the balancing safe.

Commercial fees and payment fees are deactivated at first, while the flash loan rate starts with low amount to ensure that governance is used to decide whether and how these rates are used.

Liquidity reduction

Shortly after the V2 announcement, a position on Co-Founder's Balance of Balancer Forums and Director of Technology of Balanced Ray McDonaldinvit of "Brainstorming" users was the V2liquidity MinerParameter "Brainstorming".Tokens "and the commercial rates you bring and, at the same time, guarantee sustainability and simplicity, in contrast to the V1s concentrate on" long tail ". And the incentives of the community you provide are parts of a long -term vision tofully decentralized governance:

"The goal is to have the highest distribution of users and time to obtain decentralized properties and therefore protocol governance."


In April 2021, Balancer worked in conjunction with gnosis to develop a new Balancist Gnosis Protocol (BGP), as mentioned if new standards for UX, prices and transparency are used.This uses an auction system for better prices.Dex should start in mid -June 2021, but a POC is already in operation, cowswap (an acronym for "coincidence of desires). Primary USP is the ability to support without gas, where stores are not connected tochains and without network rates[14].

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