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I have been providing bat removal services at Kawartha Lakes for 3 decades. In that time I have seen many companies offering bat removal services in Kawartha Lakes come and go. Unfortunately most of them were not bat control specialists but generally wildlife control companies offering bat removal services in Kawartha Lakes as well as all other types of urban pests. They've usually done it mostly with raccoons, squirrels, and skunks, and every time it seems like they've tried their hand at bat control, they haven't gotten it right. It usually seemed like they were trying to fix an issue with removing bats from Kawartha Lakes using raccoon- and squirrel-proof methods.

My name is Benjamin Vaughan and I am a specialist in residential bat control. If you haven't already, I encourage all of my bat elimination clients in Kawartha Lakes to watch my video on bat issues in residential areas first. This video explains how and why bats invade our homes and habitats.
Incidentally, what I'm about to tell you applies primarily only to the bat removal problems in Ontario and Kawartha Lakes.

Many of my bat removal clients in Kawartha Lakes tell me they found a bat in their home and now they can't find it. Many have spent days rummaging through furniture and clearing out closets in a desperate attempt to find the bat. And of course they wonder where the hell he went. Fortunately, there is a simple explanation for all of this.

In Ontario, greater than 95% of all bats found in homes are large brown bats. And I think probably 100% of my bat removal jobs in Kawartha Lakes have to do with big browns. The great brown bat is the most common bat species in North America, living peacefully in millions of Ontario homes. In fact, most homeowners don't even know they have bats.

Large browns usually enter and exit high up in buildings and only need a small amount of space to get onto the roof. They are quiet, nocturnal, and most of their colonies are small, making it easy for owners to overlook them entirely. Most of my bat removal clients in Kawartha Lakes discover the problem when one suddenly appears indoors and if you are reading this you may know that they can disappear just as quickly.

Most of my bat removal clients in Kawartha Lakes mistakenly assume they came in through a door or window, but bats actually show up inside because they live in the walls of houses rather than attics, which are too hot and cold in the summer are too cold in winter. After entering the Kawartha Lakes via the roof, they use gaps next to plumbing and chimneys to get into walls, and in some houses they can move into an unfinished room like a basement or boiler room once inside they move easily from one room to another. crawl under doors.

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What my bat disposal clients at Kawartha Lakes also don't know is that bats often crawl into the walls they came out of, and if they do all the searching in the world, they won't be found.

If you look at the unfinished ceiling of a typical bat disposal customer in Kawartha Lakes, you can see the gaps next to the pipes and ducts that bats use to get out of the walls and into the basement. In the basements of many of my bat disposal clients in Kawartha Lakes, bats can easily crawl up the walls.

The big brown ones are also disappearing from the homes of my bat disposal customers in Kawartha Lakes because they sometimes dive into heat register piping, especially if they are scared or have been isolated in a space with no other way out. Sometimes they can come out of the canals or another heat record comes out, but many end up dying in the canals. Dead bat carcasses are often found by professional sewer cleaners, particularly in the furnace filter.

Many of the bats that come in are really lost and usually reappear because they need to find a way out or will soon die of dehydration.

In winter, after waking up, hibernating bats may come indoors to clean, mate, or move to a better place for hibernation. If left alone, most will return to the walls and hibernate.

Kawartha Lakes Bat Removal Guide.
How to get rid of flying bats in your living space. Step-by-step guide for customers on bat removal in Kawartha Lakes.
Once you are certain that there has been no contact with the bat, follow the steps below to remove it from your home.

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Step 1: Isolate the bat. I always recommend that my bat disposal clients in Kawartha Lakes close the doors and other parts of the home. Place a towel under the doors to prevent the bat from crawling under and place a heavy book on top of any heat registers as many of my Kawartha Lakes bat removal clients lose sight of the bat when they dive into the heat register and am End dead are in your channel. .

Step 2: Open a door or window as close to the bat as possible. The bat is lost and wants out of your house where it can find food and water. I always tell my bat disposal clients in Kawartha Lakes that the bat wants to get away from all the creepy people. Eventually (it can sometimes take up to an hour) it will feel the movement of the fresh air and fly outside.

Step 3 - Turn off everything that makes noise. I also tell my bat disposal clients at Kawartha Lakes that loud noises often confuse bat echolocation systems. Turning off anything that makes noise will go a long way in helping bats find their way out.

Step 4: Keep an eye on the bat. Many of our bat disposal customers in Kawartha Lakes spend hours searching the house/room for the bat when it is hiding. When it flies out, it will be sudden and silent. You can walk around the room from time to time before spotting the open window.

Step 5: Remove the bat. If the bat doesn't seem to leave the room on its own or you are impatient, you can try catching the bat and releasing it outside. When working on a bat removal at Kawartha Lakes, we always wear gloves and long pants when attempting to catch the bat. Here are some methods.

Throw a towel over the bat. Once the bat is under the towel, pick it up and make sure to wrap the bat in it. Be careful not to crush it!

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Whenever we remove a bat for our bat removal clients at Kawartha Lakes, we typically place an empty laundry basket or trash can on top of the bat. Then take a newspaper, magazine or similar object and slide it between the wall or floor and the bat. Be careful not to pinch the bat.

Use a small mesh net to catch the bat. (A large-mesh net can also catch the bat, but may injure the bat because the bat is likely to get tangled in the net, so you'll have to take a more practical approach.

Attention! to all my bat disposal clients in Kawartha Lakes. Please do not: Swing the racquet with a tennis racquet or baseball bat.

Step 6: I warn all my bat removal clients in Kawartha Lakes that you will hear a clicking noise, which means the bat is scared and may be trying to bite. Once you have the bat in the towel or a container, take it outside, some distance from the house. Make sure any doors or windows are closed now. Remove the towel or newspaper and turn the container on its side. The bat must be able to get out and fly. I remind all my bat disposal clients at Kawartha Lakes that getting the bat off the ground is not easy, so push the trash can or towel as close to a tree as possible.

Finally, I ask all of my bat disposal clients in Kawartha Lakes not to harm or kill the bat. The bat was simply lost. He won't chase you. However, as I tell all my bat removal clients at Kawartha Lakes. We need to make your house bat proof and lock out all other bats or this will happen again.


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