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benefits and uses of doTERRA Balance essential oil blend (1)

Let's be really honest today. We all struggle with lack of balance, we all need some grounding, and you know sometimes we all need a little help. There was a point in my life where things started to get out of control as I juggled my emotional and physical health, my career and a thousand other things that pricked me like needles to find priorities in my life. I had allowed myself to be thrown into a pernicious cycle that was driving me straight down: Overweight, exhausted, and irritable, I had lost control of my femininity. Something had to be done because I deserved better. It took time... but look what has blossomed, all because I recognized the need for balance! And that's our focus today:dōTERRA Balance Grounding essential oil blend.

Achieving balance in our lives begins with identifying and addressing the pain points that are holding us back. While you may struggle with physical pain, the pain points in your life are usually centered around an emotional need or an area that has been neglected. This is exactly why dōTERRA created its Balance Grounding Blend: to help us release emotional blocks and regain balance. Specially chosen for their impressive properties, Balance combines five essential oils into an ethereal, warm and woody aroma so attractive that many people use it as a perfume.

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benefits and uses of doTERRA Balance essential oil blend (2)Each oil in Balance Grounding Blend has been carefully selected by dōTERRA for its amazing properties. Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile essential oils are blended and then diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil for optimal comfort and emotional balance. The fir itself was used by Native Americans for its ability to promote spiritual health and well-being and is still used today to harmonize the mind and body. When emotions are blocked, fir helps our body find that solution and promotes a grounding effect. Ho Wood is known to ease feelings of anxiety into a full body rest and heighten spiritual awareness. Frankincense is an ingredient in sacred incense and was used in ancient times to enhance personal connection and communication with the Creator. "Frankie," as we call him for short, has a balancing and grounding effect on our emotions and can help us focus and release those pain points that plague our overall well-being. The two shades of blue in the blend, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile, give the oil its characteristic soft blue hue and are known to soothe anxious feelings. Blue tansy can help us focus on anger and release these blockages, restoring a sense of self-control to our core, while blue chamomile calms our nerves. Finally, Fractionated Coconut Oil thins the blend so it's not overpowering and can be further diluted with any carrier oil for a personal scent or to avoid skin irritation. Overall, this blend has amazing properties to balance our emotions and promote calm and harmony in our body and mind.


Balance can be an oil in your daily repertoire when you need some grounding. That's true for me and many women I know, and it's so easy to fit into even the busiest of lives. It is most effective when applied directly to the soles of the feet, where the pores are larger and draw oils into the body. You can also inhale the scent deeply, either directly from the bottle or after rubbing a drop or two between your palms.

Are you looking for rest for the whole day? Try using it as a perfume or cologne. Applied to pulse points, particularly on the wrists and neck, the fragrance finds a happy medium as a unisex fragrance, either as a perfume or as a cologne. My husband LOVES the woody, masculine scent, and it also helps calm those around him (ME!). He applies it daily as a cologne and it's also part of my morning routine on the bottoms of my feet. Diffusing this scent can also promote full-body relaxation across an entire room…or a crowded car! It can revolutionize your next road trip or even set you up to keep your cool during a trip to the bank or grocery store. Another tip: try applying it to your feet at night before bed while meditating on positive thoughts. May help promote restful sleep and peaceful dreams. No matter how you use it, Balance can invoke calm and balance in your everyday life.


It should come as no surprise that Balance Grounding Blend is a favorite among yoga practitioners and teachers. Applied to pulse points, between the brows on the forehead, or diffused throughout space, Balance can enhance your meditation and yoga practice, helping you harmonize your mind and body as you focus on those pain points and release blockage. Looking for an overall effect? Try making a yoga mat spray!


  • 2 ounce glass spray bottle
  • witch hazel or distilled water
  • 10-15 gotas de dōTERRA Balance Grounding Spray
  • Shake and spray your yoga mat before and after a session!


benefits and uses of doTERRA Balance essential oil blend (3)Now I will tell you a little secret. dōTERRA produces several essential oil blends, but often we don't think about combining the blends. The layering of the oils creates an amazing effect on the body that can do double duty by promoting certain effects. If you find that you need more than just grounding, that you need a big dose of calm before you even think about grounding, try combining dōTERRA Serenity Calming Blend with Balance. You can apply one oil directly over the other, but you may have to experiment to see which works best as a top and bottom coat. Another tip that works for some people is to balance certain pulse points and calm others. A magical place for some women is the neckline, which allows them to inhale the scent deeply throughout the day. Diffuser jewelry also pairs well with both of these blends, making a great fashion statement and allowing you to talk about the oils knowing that people will notice the unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions about Balancing Essential Oils:

What is doterra Balance used for?
It is an essential oil blend that is emotionally grounding. Balance helps you release emotional blocks and come back to center despite the stressful chaos you face in your daily life.

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What's in Balance essential oil?
Balance is a unique blend of 5 powerful emotional support oils: Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile.

How do you use doTERRA Balance?
You can dilute Balance and apply it to the pulse points, heart, forearms and head, or diffuse the pleasant woody aroma to create a calm atmosphere. It's great for enhancing your yoga, prayer or meditation practices, and makes a great unique perfume too!

If you are interested in learning more about how doTERRA Balance essential oil can bring balance to your life, let's stay in touch!

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