BOCER AMM- What is and how it works? (2023)

RockerIt is an automated market manufacturer (AMM), portfolio manager and negotiation platform that is carried out in the Ethereum Network.With Uniswap and other popular Dex such asPancakeYSushiswapA user only has to connect their wallet to the platform and carry out an exchange of tokens.

The exchange is based more on liquidity groups instead of ordering books to obtain liquidity on which a user can handle any desired amount without waiting for a similar task.I win.

Balder also resembles an index fund in which users can create funds based on crypts in their portfolios.These funds are called groups of balancers and allow each user to provide a liquidity group by incorporating an encryption asset.The user, which offers liquidity (LPS (LPS (LPS / liquidity supplier), obtains some of the commercial rates collected in the stock exchange.

The provision of liquidity is of crucial importance for exchange, since they have no relief without relief without reliefSchlupfNext, you will find more information about the balancers and their bal -token.


Balder was founded by Fernando Martinelli, a well-known Brazilian entrepreneur and manufacturer-communication member. Then he published Exchange's White Paper in 2019 along with his technical partner Nikolai Muschegian.

The duo then led Mike McDonald (creator of MKR.Tools) on board to perform the exchange plan through construction.AmmAnd integrated an auto -equal weight portfolio with a price sensor.

The exchange did not carry out an ICO and began its project until 2020.The organized a seed financing round that raised 3 million US dollars.The financing round was directed by accomplices and position markers.In June it began $ Balt and became the second Defi project that has a government record.The exchange in TVL 40 million dollars has cultivated over time to become one of the best and largest dexs of the present.It is fourth on TVL to curve, Uniswap and Sushiswap.

Key features of the Balonter Crypto Dex

The bunker

The exchange uses the safe as a central component.The safe is an intelligent contract that controls all tokens in each group of balancers.

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It also facilitates the separation of Poologik accounting and token management.Smart contracts in the pools are much easier because they now play a lower role in the administration of funds.The use of safe benefits of exchange as follows:

  • This design allows the accommodation of a POLD design variety.
  • With the exchange, everyone can apply their ideas to create a personalized liquidity group associated with the current liquidity of the Stock Exchange.
  • The groups eliminate the need to develop a DEX because they can simply develop their conceptual POLD designs and connect with the exchange.
  • The design also makes batch exchanges more efficient because all tokens are available for everyone in compatible pools.
  • The safe also has systems that keep the balances in the independent pool and, therefore, without permission to ensure that others, when they manipulate a pool, cannot suffer the same attack, which means that the funds are safe.

Balance pool

The Stock Exchange is based on intelligent contracts of groups of balancers who determine how retailers exchange Token.In contrast to their competitors, balancers have groups with predefined specifications such as adaptation.The open design allows youAll to create a poolSo that the flexibility of the pools for prices and functionality.

Smart order router (sor)

Balanced uses the intelligent orders router to help users determine the best prices for their trades.SOR identifies the best price for sale and purchase of orders in a transaction in one or more liquidity groups.Expansion and variety of groups of balancers because it obtains new options to check.

With innovation, groups of balancers can be used as a source of large individual liquidity within the ecosystem.When connecting and integration with the SOR, each personalized group can work in balancers and offer liquidity for all who use the platform.

Merkle Orchard Smart Contract

The Merkle Orchard is an intelligent contract with which the weekly liquidity reduction distributions are used.Allows liquidity suppliers to claim their rewards brand.The contract verifies Merkle's root of the accumulated tokens during the distribution of rewards.The requirement of liquidity reduction premiums could have been spent in other ways.

Merkle Orcher's smart contract is currently being used to distribute BAL and other tokens to promote liquidity breakdown in the protocol.

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Balance gnosis protocol (BGP)

HeEquilibrium gnosis protocolIt is the standard commercial interface on the Balanced Platform and uses gnosis solution and the equilibrium vault to facilitate lots in lots.The protocol allows merchants to exchange Token signing messages to replace less gas (zero gas rates), to enjoy transactions.

The gnosis solvement initially coincides with liquidity transactions in the chain so that users can use the possibility of wishes (cows).The process is the process in which P2P transactions are resolved directly without AMM, which saves rates and avoids the slip.

It also protects it for the extracalable value of Bergmann (MEV) .BGP also uses other DEXS to ensure that the balancers' dealers will receive the best prices for their business.Loss of rates.

These are the advantages of using BGP:

  • Transactions without gases
  • ProtecciĂłn Mev
  • Good prices for transactions
  • Falling transactions do not result in gas rates

How does the balancer token achieve and support?

Local Boancer CryptoBalIt is an essential currency in the ecosystem, since it serves as much as governance as a user work day.

The Token is limited to only 100 million balconies, and in the future it is no longer allowed to Boancer Pools that begins).It is planned to distribute 145,000 tokens per week to users, which means that the offer will be activated completely by 2028.

This mechanism ensures that the currency maintains a stable offer and a Zerady dynamic that controls its inflation rate.The exchange also increases the supply and dynamics after the currency of the currency when using it as a useful and government token, which is a real application case, it grants those that grants a real application case..

Bal token pricing forecast

Balance token (balance)It is currently negotiated at $ 14.29 with a 24 -hour negotiation volume of around $ 42 million.

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The currency has a general market capitalization of a little more than $ 99 million, which is one of the best market investment alternatives.In terms of its small market capitalization capitalization) it must move to influence the price.This currency can increase more in the future, since Balance Exchange is getting more and more users.

However, it is better to dye before investing in it or other cryptographic project.

How does the balancer work?

Boancer works in a similar way to an index fund in which their groups consist of eight different cryptography assets.The value of a group is determined by the percentage of each blocked token.The weight is selected during the creation of the group in question.

Balance as the equal index of auto -disadvantage.

The equilibrium pools are carried out by underlying intelligent contracts that ensure that each group maintains a correct proportion of assets, even if the assets they have maintained vary with the market.

For example, if a certain currency like DAI performs 25% of a certain group of balancers and their market value, underlying intelligent contracts are automatically half of the half so that the value of the currency remains constant.The contracts provided for users who want to buy the currency if the price increases.

The question arises if the limit for the LPS remains advantageous.

Die balancing pools

The encryption room is full of heights and depths, so users must examine the possibilities of the passive assigner.Balance poolsAs a way to win liabilities, the pools are available according to the risks involved in public and private iterations.

Public pools allow everyone to block their cryptography actions.The parameters of these groups have been pre -established and can never be changed before starting, and then they can be useful for users with small cryptographic components that want to make liabilities from the platform.

With private pools, only the pool manufacturer can add or remove liquidity.They only have one user who can adapt all pool parameters, including gas rates, assets and accepted weights.Keep pressed and deserve liabilities of certain assets.

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Private pools also have another iteration called Smart Pools.They are in possession of intelligent contracts and allow groups to be programmed to carry out additional functions, such as changing the weight or creation of indices that pursue certain assets.

Is it sure to act on the balancers?

Balder has high -risk security functions that protect its users from cyber attacks.The system in which liquidity is provided through the balance pools and connected to the vaultNo compromised group can affect the entire platformTotal loss on the platform can hardly occur.However, it is advisable to follow the safety instructions given by the exchange to avoid the creation of security gaps.

How is the balancer compared to its competitors?

Balancebody is one of the best decentralized cryptographic values.Uniswap.

  • Uniswap has more liquidity and, therefore, less sliding compared to the balancer.This Dieser Dexons houses more than $ 2.59 billion in collateral capacity that makes its liquidity lower than that of the balancers.
  • Balder has the gnosis protocol, with which mining liquidity workers can receive their rewards without taking gas rates.Transactions influenced in the BGP also have no gas rates, which is in a reduction in the competitor, including UNISWAP.
  • Balder has the advantage in the variety of assets that can be added to its liquidity groups.It can absorb up to 8 different encryption assets per group, while UNISWAP only allows two assets in a proportion of 1: 1 in the same pool can.
  • Baldan is also more flexible than UNISWAP, since with its mechanism of the group's vault and balancing users it can create custom groups and can present their mathematics for the calculation of the value.With this mechanism, users can examine their options during liquidity elimination and receive more satisfactory services..

Last word

BALANCER is one of the best alternatives for encryption exchange in the Defi sector.It has so many functions that are advantageous for its users.How you want to obtain rewards from your liquidity groups by allowing customizable groups.

However, there are some defects, such as liquidity, possibly lower than most popular DEX, such as Unisswap.Therefore, users must examine different options, since these DEX are better in certain categories and possibly fail in other ways.The exchange in relation to security and reliability is good.

In addition, it is better to explore the encryption room with caution, since it goes hand in hand with its risks.Escape from such projects is to obtain reliable sources of information, such as verified means and data engines.

Finally, remember to maintain balanced investment wallets, since not all cryptography assets or project -related projects are guaranteed to make profits in the future.

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