Vault high availability and scalability: a comprehensive guide 101 - Learn |Hevo (2023)

Because more and more companies are transferring their data to the public cloud, one of the most urgent problems that can be kept before illegal access and peeling.


Use of a tool likeVault HashicorpYou can have better control over your sensitive login information and meet cloud safety regulations regulations.

An introduction to Hashicorp Vault and an introductionHashicorp Vault high availabilityIn this article, you will find some examples of how it can be used to improve cloud safety.


  • What is Hashicorp Vault?
  • Understand the high availability of Vault
    • High availability of the safe: architecture cluster
  • Diploma

What is Hashicorp Vault?

Vault high availability and scalability: a comprehensive guide 101 - Learn |Hevo (1)

When it comes to keeping secrets safe, Hashicorp Vresor is a great tool that has in hand.The term "secret" refers to the confidential identification that must be kept closely and verified to access unauthorized access to confidential to avoid data.Passwords, Key, SSH Key, RSA token and Passins (OTPS) (OTPS) are examples of secrets.

Hashicorp Vault's unique surface to manage a secret to its infrastructure makes control and management of a child's play access and management.

Vault HashicorpIf a tool that helps the company help manage access to secrets and transmit it safely within your business.Passwords, API key, SSH key, RSA -Token and OTP are examples of secrets.

Hashicorp Vault offers a single -lead surface to manage all secrets in its infrastructure.

In a low confidence environment, Hashicorp Vault is a secret management tool that has been specially developed to control access to sensitive registration information.To generate.

Passwords can be used for authentication or dynamic values can be used to generate temporary tokens with which you can access a specific path.Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL).

To provide access to systems and secrets, Hashicorp Vault uses identity -based access.

ROL BASE ACCESS CONTROL (RBAC)It is used to manage human access, giving permission and restricting access to creating and managing secrets or managing access from other users based on the secret value with which they are registered.

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Machine access management, on the other hand, includes concession of access to different servers or secrets.In case of a violation, you can create temporary secrets in case of a violation and revoke access.

Chest offers"Cryptography as a service,”Encrypt data in both traffic and peace(Using TLS) (with 256 -bit CBC encryption).This protects confidential information on two types: while increasing in your network and is stored in your cloud and data center.

It is easy to update and provide new keys through the distributed infrastructure with central key management.

Vault high availability and scalability: a comprehensive guide 101 - Learn |Hevo (2)

When installing applications that include the use of sensitive secrets or data, software like Vault is of crucial importance.Vault protects sensitive dataUi, cli,orHttp -apiWith political administration of high race, secret leasing, examination of exams and automatic revocation.Interesting use of audits, important blinds and automated revocation are possible thanks to the rental contracts associated with all secrets in the database.

Clearly offers"Break glass"Procedure for employees in case of a commitment in various cancellation options.In addition to a consistent interface to save secrets, it offers strong access control and a full exam path.a physicalHSMTo install it to use it(Hardware safety modules).

Vault high availability and scalability: a comprehensive guide 101 - Learn |Hevo (3)

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Understand the high availability of Vault

  • High availability of the safe: architecture cluster


Secrets are usually managed in production situations, which can affect any wear case directly on customers who use it.The high availability of the safe should provide highly available provisions to minimize the effects of a machine or a process error.

Two additional conditions are added to Vault high availability servers, while you work in HA mode: waiting and active.All the active node.

Observe this withVersion 0.11, Waiting nodes can treat most protected writing consultations and act as reading nodes.Vault Enterprise has the node function in waiting for performance.High volume cryptographyAs a service (Traffic Secrets Motor) Consultations can benefit from this.Performance lessons and documentation are available with which you can find out more.

What does the Hevo Etl process do better?

Providing a high quality ETL solution can be a difficult task if you have a large volume of data.hevoThe Codeless automatic platform allows everything you need for a soft data replication experience.

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  • Schemanagement: The hevo can automatically identify the data scheme received and attribute them to the destination scheme.
  • Scalable infrastructure: Hevo built -in integrations for more than 100 sources(with over 40 free sources)This allows you to scale your data infrastructure as needed.
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High availability of the safe: architecture cluster

The basic goal of architecture architecture is to reduce inactivity notes because they are highly available (ha).

As a first step, you have created modest evidence of the concept in Vault's mode of development and executed it locally to understand how the system works.

As a result, Hashicorp suggests creating a conference cluster of multiple node to operate the high availability mode of the safe.

MySQL (RDS)It was selected as a Back -end database, because in the future you needed a solution that could easily be migrated to another cloud.

In the end they went belowEC2Instances that run behind an internal ALB for the final configuration.With this configuration, ALB only directs queries to the active safe instance and observe the inactive offline node (as shown in the diagramHttp -status 429If not sealed).In its situation, the high availability of the safe is designed in such a way that it offers high availability and does not increase capacity.Automatically activated when the primary knot fails.


Vault high availability and scalability: a comprehensive guide 101 - Learn |Hevo (4)

Next sections continue in many ways how the server communicates and how any type of request is processed.This is how a HA cluster works, at least some of the requirements for deviation mode should be met.

Server Server Transmissions

The active node announces in both directions of the information about themselves in the other nodes.The information is sent between the active node and the unpaid backup nodes of the safe system and not through a public network.

Direct connection between servers is eliminated rather than exclusively encrypted inputs in data storage, with which status is used when using the customer reduction approach.

There must be direct contact between servers to use the requirements mechanism.A newly generated private key and a newly generated self -signed certificate are announced through the active node encrypted data storage input to perform this safely.

TLS 1.2The connections are made between the waiting nodes and the main node using the published cluster address.The active node receives customer requests, serialize them and sends them through this TLS protected communication channel.The active node sends an answer to the waiting node, which returns the response to the sought user.

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Request demand

For example, if the request is allowed (by default in0,6,2), Customers can replace it, providing them withX-vault-not-eQest preloadHeadball for a value other than zero.

Some setting definitions are required for a successful cluster configuration, although some of these parameters can be calculated automatically.

Remedy customers

Questions with an unparalleled value for the X-Vault-NO boot header are sent to the active node deviation address with a 307 status code.

This is the fallback mechanism if the requirement is disabled or an error occurs when forwarding a requirement.A deviation address is always necessary for allVault high availability(Ha) systems.

Certain HA data storage drivers can automatically automate the deviation address. In most cases, however, it should be explicitly configured by setting the upper level in the configuration file.API do Vault AddrThe environmental variable has priorityAPI AddrWhen specifying the value of this key.

OAPI AddrThe value must be defined as something else, depending on how the safe is configured.Vault Server can be accessed in two types: directly by customers or load compensation.

A complete URL(Http/https)It is necessary in both circumstances and not just an IP address and a door.

ease of user

  • OAPI AddrThe address of this node should be for each node if customers can access it directly, there are two wide notes:
  • A available at:

  • B, to which the following address can be accessed:

  • In this case, you will determine yourAPI AddrFor

  • While node B determined itsAPI Addrno

  • As a result, all questions received by node B are sent to node aAPI Addr@

  • While node A is the active node and vice versa.

Last balances

Customers can first use load balancers to contact one of the safe servers, but can be accessed directly from customers on all safe node.However, customers have direct access to Vault servers for reasons for redirect and therefore should be configured according to the previous one with the previous section.

In other words, if the only way to reach safe serversAPI AddrFor each node it must be identical: to the loadIp the balancesIf a customer reaches a waiting knot, it will be sent back to the load balancer, where load compensation settings must be changed to know the current manager's IP.This can lead to a deviation loop.It can be avoided.

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Addresses on the cluster list via node

The Vault configuration file offers a Lister block for each address value where Vault listens to the requirements.And the port is automatically configured with the value of the address and a higher value if this value remains empty (by default, port8201).

Remember that only us who hear actively hear.

Cluster address for each node

Like the ADDR API, the cluster ADDR in the configuration file is a higher level value that each node should announce to the standbies to be used for server to server interactions if it is active.Listen to blocks, including door, should be defined as defined as a host name or an IP address that can be used to access this node.HttpsSince onlyTLSThe connections are used between servers.

Alternatively, you can use themAddr do cluster do cofreEnvironment option to provide this value.

Storage aid

Cônsul, Zookeeper,And other storage bakers now offer a high availability mode.There is a possibility that they will change over time.

For new Vault facilities, Hashicorp recommends using Vault's integrated storage as a Backend HA for Vault's high evacurability.BACK -CONSUL IVER IVERIt is a practical alternative that is usually used in living environments.You can use the diagram to decide which selection is best suited for your needs.

By developing new back -end or expanding high support for existing back -enders, we would appreciate your help.The addition of HA support requires physical implementation.Hackend.


If you increase the number of teams and applications with high availability of high availability of Vault, you should find out how to increase system capacity.It is ideal.As waiting nodes are only accessible in the Vault Enterprise version, you cannot use them for writing-protected applications.

It is important to increase the storage bakery's IO capacity so as not to comply with the safe by its limits and not through arithmetic requirements.

They are confident of Back-end scalability because they perform Mysql RDS in Multi-Az mode.


In this article, it is detailed about high availability in Hashicorp Vresor and there is a brief introduction to the Hashicorp Vault.

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